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Sunday, 16 April 2017


The method of producing cold is known as refrigeration and maintaining quality of air for human uses is known as air conditioning. Air-conditioning also includes refrigeration as its necessary part. History of refrigeration starts with the requirement of maintaining cold, industrial revolution showed a way for the business to expand trade across boundaries, which required to supply commodity to the customers with its best values. Being human as the sole customer, suppliers were much concerned on the first basic need that is food. Trade of food items were a big challenge because of day by day fermentation of it, and hence there came the need of producing chill environment for the food storage and simultaneously for the living of human during hot summer days. Long back in 1748, William Coolen from Glasgow produced cold by creating partial vacuum over ethyl ether but no machine developed on it. First time Perkins in 1834 developed it with a hand operated compressor working on ether, then in 1851 Gorrie developed air refrigeration machine and in 1856 Linde developed a machine working on ammonia. Revolution came in the development after the discovery of CFC’s commonly known as Freon's. Later it has discovered that these are responsible for ozone layer depletion and then in the late twentieth century scientist and refrigeration based firms like Du-Pont started searching for the substitute of Freon's. These days two types of refrigeration systems are in use mostly, the vapour compression system and absorption system.

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