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Sunday, 16 April 2017


Human comfort is the condition of supplied air which in turns proved suitable for people experiencing it, that is to maintain the quality and velocity od supply so that experiencing should feel comfortable with, in the atmosphere created. There are three parameters governing comfort are air temperature, humidity and air-velocity along with air purity. It is too hard to define or fix human comfort with four different variables, hence, effective temperature is used as an index, that is temperature at 100% relative humidity in which subject will feel the same experience as in actual environment. Because human comfort varies person to person and by age group and gender, and many such factors affect it, vast study is needed. Such studies have shown correlation between comfort level, temperature, humidity, gender, length of exposure, age group and other causes. These are tabulated in the form of comfort charts. Human comfort usually depends upon certain causes as follows 1. Metabolic rate The rate at which body produces heat. 2. Mechanism of body heat loss 3. Heat exchange between man and environment.

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